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We run two driver education programmes aimed at supporting older people to be as safe as possible while out on the roads. We offer information and support to older people who are renewing their driver licence or are no longer driving.

Staying Safe

This free classroom-based course will help senior road users re-familiarise themselves with traffic rules and safe driving practices. Age Concern Wairarapa runs these workshops in partnership with Waka Kotahi (NZTA). The workshop aims to maintain and improve safe driving practices and increase the knowledge of other transport options available to help senior road users remain safely mobile.

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The aim of the Staying Safe programme is to provide evidence-based education to help older drivers and road users:

  • increase their knowledge about driving and ageing
  • assess their current driving behaviour
  • adapt their driving behaviour
    build an appropriate level of confidence on the roads (without instilling false or overconfidence)
  • build their awareness of alternatives to driving so they can maintain their independence when they reduce or cease driving

Please contact our Health Promotion Coordinator for more information on the Staying Safe course or to make a booking.


CarFit is a free community education programme designed to assist older drivers set up their car correctly. CarFit helps older drivers stay safe and feel more confident behind the wheel.

The programme offers a 30 minute 12-point check-up, assessing how well an individual “fits’ their vehicle. It provides recommendations from Occupational Therapists that can help improve the safety of older drivers and enhance their mobility in the community.

Please contact our Health Promotion Coordinator for more information on CarFit or to make a booking.

Renewing your driver licence

Renewing your driver licence can be a stressful time, but we have a few tips to help support you to be as prepared as you can be. These include:

  • Attend a Staying Safe course 
  • Book medical appointments and eye exams in plenty of time before the licence renewal date (e.g.Booking at Specsavers can be a 4-6 week wait)
  • If you have a concern regarding costs, there is support for eye exams and prescription glasses through WINZ and AA members are eligible for a free eye test at Specsavers once every 2 years 
  • Join Steady As You Go classes to improve balance and head movement, which can assist your peripheral vision
  • AA members can get a free in-car coaching to improve confidence

No longer driving?

For some, getting older may mean using your car less, or not at all. This can mean a few changes to your ability to get out and about and it’s important to become familiar with some other transport options ahead of time. These include:

  • Total Mobility scheme offers substantial discounts for people with long- term health conditions and not able to use public transport. Find out more
  • Driving Miss Daisy Wairarapa – 06 377 0232
  • St John’s health shuttle -0800 589 630 Booking essential, 24 hrs prior to appt
  • Masterton Shuttles (cars/ vans/ mobility van) – 06 377 1923 or email mastertonshuttles@gmail.com 
  • Mobility Wairarapa (anything from walking sticks to mobility scooters to hire or purchase). Contact: Steve Taylor 06 370 1023
  • EASIE Living Mobile Outreach can provide support with remaining independent and information on funding options. Contact: Lesley Harrison 0800 362 253 or have a look at www.easieliving.co.nz

Life without a car

Age Concern has teamed up with driving companion service Driving Miss Daisy to launch a new booklet, ‘Life Without a Car’, encouraging older drivers to plan ahead for a time when they can’t drive. 

Download the booklet (4MB)

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